We all need places to work, live, play, learn, shop, eat, worship, and meet.

The designing of these buildings is the responsibility of architects.

Design, Build, Renovate, and Landscape

Looking to be part of the process right from the first meeting with the architect to final handing over of house keys?

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Architects Ottawa are experienced in the creation of designs for new construction projects, redevelopments, and alterations. All designs are created through specialist construction knowledge and top-level drawing skills to ensure functional, safe, aesthetic, and sustainable buildings.

All our architects are highly trained and licensed to develop concepts for structures and transform the concepts into images and plans.


  • Evaluation of project objectives based on client goals and needs for the project.
  • Evaluation of budget and proposed project schedule.
  • Identification of necessary agency approvals or specific codes that may impact the project.


  • Examine the site and existing conditions such as noise, natural lighting, noise, shade, wind, views, topography, and any other factors.
  • Develop design options based on the evaluation of project objectives.
  • Create a design through the integration of different building systems, components, and finishes.
  • Manage consultants including surveyors, structural engineers, and lighting consultants

Approval & Permits

We guide our clients through the planning review process mandated by relevant local agencies and architectural review boards. We help you with code review, building approval process, and acquiring permits before construction commences. Lastly, we will confirm that the project complies with local building codes.

Construction Observation

  • Assist with the selection of a suitable contractor
  • Get competitive quotes for construction
  • Monitor progress of construction to ensure compliance with drawings and standards.
  • Review and approve payments to the contractor.